Civil Litigation

Our experienced and skilled litigation attorneys are well-equipped to handle the vigorous prosecution and defense of lawsuits involving virtually all types and sizes of legal disputes in state and federal courts in Iowa and around the country. We represent clients at every level of the state and federal court systems, in jury trials and bench trials, as well as before regulatory and administrative agencies in arbitration, mediation, and through other means of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Based on our familiarity with local courts, we often serve as local counsel for out-of-state parties, and we have an extensive appellate court track record in both federal and state court systems. Below is a list of civil litigation services that we offer.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We provide alternative dispute resolution services, including arbitration and mediation, for a variety of client legal matters.

Appellate Practice

Our appellate practice includes representation of clients throughout the appellate process in both civil and administrative settings.

Business and Commercial Litigation

We represent business clients in legal matters ranging from small claims court to multi-million dollar lawsuits.  Our attorneys handle client matters involving commercial and business litigation, such as contract, intellectual property, corporate governance disputes, and shareholder or partnership litigation and are committed to working with business clients to achieve an outcome that suits the client’s interests in the short and long term.

Class Actions and Complex Litigation

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing parties in class actions and other complex litigation.  Since the inception of Duncan Green, P.C., our attorneys have litigated class actions and other large commercial cases in federal and state courts in Iowa and throughout the United States.  We provide services to both plaintiffs and defendants in class action or complex litigation.

Contract Disputes and Litigation

We represent clients in all aspects of their contract disputes, including negotiations, arbitration or mediation, and formal litigation.


We handle the defense and prosecution of employment claims alleging Constitutional violations, discrimination, sexual harassment, and general tort litigation.

Insurance Defense

Our attorneys regularly provide counsel and legal services to insurance companies and third party administrators in nearly every aspect of insurance defense. We are routinely retained by regional and national insurance companies to represent the interests of these companies and their policy holders in state and federal courts.

Nursing Home Injuries

As part of our personal injury practice, we provide services to individuals or their family members who have been injured as a result of nursing home negligence.

Personal Injury

Our attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in all types of personal injury litigation, including claims for premises liability, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, and class action lawsuits.

Products Liability

Our attorneys serve as lead and local defense counsel for national and international entities in products liability claims and also represent clients in the prosecution of claims arising out of defective or dangerous products.

Professional Liability Litigation

Our attorneys have extensive experience defending professionals against malpractice claims. In the past, we have represented professionals in the medical, legal, engineering, architectural, and accounting fields and our attorneys possess a vast knowledge base of the law and issues specific to professional liability claims. We also represent plaintiffs in claims against licensed professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and bankers.

Public Entity

Our attorneys are experienced in the representation of public officials and entities, as well as municipalities.

Small Claims Cases

Claims for $5,000.00 or less are within the jurisdiction of Iowa’s small claims courts. We provide representation to businesses and individuals as plaintiffs or defendants in small claims actions including claims for property damage or unpaid account balances.

Toxic Torts

Toxic tort claims involve claims for injury and damages caused by exposure to toxic substances or chemicals. We provide representation of plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of toxic tort claims such as claims related to injuries caused by asbestos exposure or so-called “popcorn lung” claims which are based on consumption of the popcorn flavoring additive diacetyl.

Public and Private Utilities

Our firm provides representation to public and private utilities and electric cooperatives in a variety of litigated matters, including electrical contact injuries, aviation accidents, and general tort lawsuits.

Workers' Compensation

We provide representation of both injured workers and employers in claims for on the job injuries, including claims related to asbestos or other toxic chemical exposure.